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HELLO GOODFOLKS!! Strap on a leather helmet and goggles and relive the past. The 1920s-30s were the golden age of aviation and barnstormer pilots traveled the country and introduced the masses to the skies above. Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane Rides is your opportunity to experience that unique feeling from the early years of aviation. We are the only commercial biplane ride company in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati area. This past year we were able to add another beautiful biplane to our fleet. We still have the most popular 1929 Travel Air 4000 that can carry up to two passengers, but including a 1930 D-25 new Standard  that can carry up to four passengers has really made Goodfolk and O'Tymes Biplane Rides one of the most popular barnstorming businesses East of the Mississippi. You can take your pick to ride in one or both of our beautiful biplanes. Both aircraft will give you a piece of history to take home with you.  

​Have you ever dreamed about flying like a bird?  Well, experience that dream with Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane Rides. The low and slow flight characteristics of these flying machines will allow you to step back in time and enjoy the pleasures of flying like a bird. Let the wind blow through your hair and the smells from the countryside give you the magical feeling of the early barnstorming years. Whether this is something to mark off your bucket list, a unique idea for a romantic date, surprise your spouse for an anniversary present, a wedding proposal, birthday, Father's day, or just a joy ride, Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane Rides is here for that occasion. We are here to make some of the most memorable dreams come true.

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 Explore the birthplace of aviation in a dimension that many will never get to experience. Flying over the beautiful countryside will only make you appreciate this wonderful earth from above.  Sightseeing areas such as the Air Force Museum, downtown Dayton, Yellow Springs, and the lush countryside of the Miami Valley area are just a few places to experience. America is the land of the free and when you take a ride in this beautifully restored Travel Air 4000 you will truly appreciate the beauty of our freedom. Experience what barnstorming was like in the 1930s.

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the freedom of barnstorming. Our Travel Air 4000 is able to carry 2 passengers side by side in the front seat or bring up to four people so you can share the fun and excitement all together in our New Standard biplane.

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Barnstorming Carnival

1929 Travel Air 4000 " Ace"

​2023 Barnstorming


It's a Barnstormers Life

Serving Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati area

D-25 New Standard

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July 15-16th 9th Barnstorming Carnival. One of the best family friendly events in the area. 


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Joy of barnstorming

1930 D-25 New Standard

National Museum of the United Air Force

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Biplane Fun

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​Free community event that offers many activities for people of all ages. Click the official Barnstorming Carnival website below to get more information.

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June 28-30, Muncie, IN

Reese Airport Muncie

AMA National Fun-Fly

July 13-14, 2024

Barnstorming Carnival

Springfield, Ohio

July 16th, 2023

Haggerstown, IN

July 25-28th

Jasper County Airport

Rensselaer, IN

Aug 9-10th

All OHIO balloon Festival

​Marysville, OH

Aug 31

Fly/ In Cruise/ In

​Marion, IN