Frequently Asked Questions


Serving Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati area

How many people can you carry on each flight?

We can carry up to 2 passengers at one time. You can come alone or bring someone so you can enjoy the experience together.
Can I bring a camera on the flight? 

YES!!! Please Bring your camera so you can take a few pictures with the pilot Mr Goodfolk or Mr O'Tyme and the aircraft you'll be flying in. Also, Feel free to snap a few shots during the flight. You can purchase the ( Photo/ video package) and allow us to take all the inflight photos and video of you during the flight. 

What should I wear when I come for my flight?

You should wear something comfortable for the flight. Shorts and tee- shirt if the temperature is nice and warm.

(approx over 70) A sweat shirt or jacket if it is cool. Hats are not recommended with any open cockpit aircraft. 

What happens if the weather gets too bad to fly?

We will simply reschedule you at your convenience.

Should I arrive earlier than my scheduled flight? How much time is needed before the flight?

You should plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early so you can read through and sign our passenger wavier. Also you will need to have a safety brief before the flight.

What form of payment will you accept?
We will accept almost all forms of payment
1. Cash
2. MasterCard
3. Visa

Do you allow walk ups?

Yes we do. We will fit you in to any open appointment. You may have to wait longer if we have previous appointments scheduled.

Will you do aerobatics?

 No aerobatics are allowed...... Under currently FAA regulations we will not be able to do aerobatics. WE CAN DO A FEW WHIPT DOOS to make the ride more exciting.

 How old can I be to take a flight.

We can take someone from 1 year old to 100. If you are younger than 18 years old you will need a parent or guardian to sign our passenger waiver.