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Dewey Davenport is the owner and operator of Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane rides.  Growing up in the Dayton area, birthplace of aviation has given him the passion to fly aircraft just like the Wright Brothers. Being involved in aviation for over 30 years has allowed him to experience many parts of the world from 30 years of model aircraft and 20 years flying full size aircraft. His passion for model aircraft began the interest in aviation that naturally continued into a hobby and career. During high school, Dewey started his flying lessons at a little airport in Waynesville Ohio and since then he has received his airline transport pilot license and has logged over 8000 hours flying a variety of aircraft such as the J-3 Cub, Beech-18, PT-17 Stearman, DC-9, and Falcon 20 Jet.

Have you ever sat down with one of your elders and just talked about how things were when they were your age? I'm sure you have done that a few times in your days of growing up. Everyone has a different story.

This aircraft is nearly the same as a human. It has a story from the past that has most people finding it hard to believe. Built in Wichita, Kansas in 1929 to three friends; Cessna, Beech,and Stearman. The Travel Air was and is the barnstormer's aircraft of choice. This beautiful antique aircraft is fabric covered and carries two passengers at a time. The rugged construction and pilot friendly flight characteristics are just a few of the features that make the Travel Air the ideal barnstorming machine. The nickname " Wichita Fokker" has followed it for almost 90 years because the shape of the rudder and wingtips resemble the german Fokker aircraft.

When you take a ride in this beautiful aircraft , you will be a part of it's history. This particular Travel Air is the true meaning of a work horse. Originally it was powered with a 225 hp Wright Whirlwind R-760, and then converted over to the popular 220hp Continental R-670. It was owned and operated in the early 1930s by the famous Pepsi Sky Writer Andy Stinis and then later was sold and used for many years as a crop duster. Now the aircraft is configured back into what is knows best, barnstorming over the country for the pleasure of reliving it's glory.

The aircraft paint scheme brings a very important significance to our aviation rich heritage. The famous Flying Aces, was a flying circus that was owned and operated by Jimmie and Jessie Woods. The Flying Aces operated from 1929 - 1938. The Flying Aces were the largest and longest lasting flying circus in those days. Jimmie and Jessie and the crew would travel all over the United States entertaining thousands of people during one of the worst financial depressions ever seen. During these hard times the flying circus flew to towns and cities all across the country offering daredevil airshows for only $ 1.00 a car load. At times up to ten thousand spectators would be in attendance at one show as they preformed death defying aerobatics and wing walking. Jimmie was one of the Aces pilots and the head mechanic, as Jessie was the attractive wing walkin, skydiver daredevil that attracted thousands of people to the show.

The Aircraft: Curtiss Wright Travel Air 4000


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